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This is a game that also encourages feelings of respect and affection towards others

Miniland Educational expands its collection of aptitude games through the launch of a new game based on silhouettes to sew, Kids World, in a familiar format. The game has 3 children of different races and from different places around the world with their typical costumes. Clothing must be properly assembled and sewn on their silhouettes, combining the different elements that are available.

Thus, the game is composed of three silhouettes of thick plastic and flexible and decorated in full color, 3 costumes illustrated in full color and plastic sheets made of 2 pieces each with holes to route cords, textile cords, needles of plastic and an attractive booklet

Note the high quality and versatility of the materials used, which allow this game have greater durability and resistance than any other similar product on the market, with silhouettes and dresses made of washable plastic sheet, high strength and flexible.

Aptitude games

Miniland Educational’s aptitudef games have been made to promote the development of acute psychometrics, the ocular-hand coordination of individual skills and the basic differentiation of shapes and colours.

The collection prepares a base for the child’s attention and concentration skills, it will facilitate the reading writing skills and will consolidate comprehension and reasoning.


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