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Three Miniland Educational toys have been selected to compete in the final competition of the Best Summer Toys, promoted by the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ). In this contest the eight most recommended toys for this summer will be chosen within eight categories.

Winners will be chosen from a popular vote that is already taking place on the web After the election, on 19 June at 18h30 at Häagen Dazs Theater in Madrid, winners will receive their awards at the Toy Festival Gala.

The three finalists of Miniland Educational

For the Open Air Category, Miniland Educational has been finalist with Monster Truck. It is a large truck (54 x 34 x 45 cm.), It’s a symbolic toy for “acting as if …”. A dump truck sturdy, easy to handle, swing … especially suitable for playing with sand and gravel.

In the category of Constructions, has reached the final Blocks Super, a construction game based in large, robust and resilient pieces. It’s complemented with wheeled vehicles with figurative heads modules, hair and bodies that create fun characters freely.

To compete at the Early Childhood Category, Miniland Educational finalist is Giantte,. This is two games in one. On one hand this is a giant stackable, of 92 cm. height formed by 10 progressive size cups. Little children love to sort and stack vertically and later overthrow to get most fun. Moreover it is a big bucket that has a lid perforated with silhouettes of the four different shaped figures that accompany the set. This game can also be used as a sand and water game.

32 finalists from the main toy brands

More than 230 toys from a total of 78 toy companies have been candidates to the initial phase of the “Best  Summer Toys” competition, organized in eight different categories. Just 32 toys have achieved to the finals.

29 toys from other relevant toy brands, such as Smoby, Famosa, Palau Hermanos, Lego, Falomir and Playmobil, will have to compete with the three Miniland Educational finalists.


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