Juego en familia

Family Games by Miniland Educational is the ideal collection of didactic toys and games to make the very most of family play times. Parents get to spend more quality time with their children while teaching them to take in and soak up a great deal of values that are essential for their daily development, both at home and in society.

The games in this collection encourage our little ones to develop emotional intelligence, social values, healthy habits and respect for rules of coexistence, while parents enjoy spending fun time with their children.

Furthermore, one of the star products in the collection is Emotiblocks – First Emotions, which focuses on learning about emotions with our tiniest tots. Emotiblocks was awarded the prize for Best Toy of the Year in Spain under the Games category, in addition to other distinctions it has earned in recent months.

Family Games is a very contemporary collection featuring all of the content that parents and learning centres are looking for in response to their concern for their children’s emotional education, multiple intelligences and values.

Some of the collection’s top games

Emotiblocks –A series of characters to encourage children to learn values, identify basic emotions, facial expressions and much more! There are over 100 combinations!

Pair game, learning about values – The pair finding game with over 12 cards that foster values such as gender equality, coexistence, tolerance, road safety and more.

Duos, opposites – A game to teach kids about words that express opposite meanings.

Duos, environmentally friendly – Kids will become more aware of and sensitive to local environmental issues and their global impact.

Magnetic chart: healthy eating Learning to eat a balanced diet is fun with this magnetic game.

Magnetic chart: autonomy and responsibility – A magnetic game designed to help children carry out their daily chores and encourage learning. Our monster friends will tell them whether or not they have done things right.

Family games collection


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