Playtime is a fundamental activity during childhood

At Miniland Educational, we offer a broad and varied range of toys to fill both play and learning time.  We are dedicated to the production of learning toys that can be successfully used by both parents and teachers.

Our mission is to provide toys that are appropriate for every level of infant development.  We present our collection according to the 4 typologies of games as established by the ESAR system.  Within each area, the toys are arranged by the recommended age levels.

Also included with the toys are books and stories which provide a resource for reading readiness programs.

Miniland Educational places considerable value on our Educational toys and Teaching materials.  With the support of professional educator evaluation, rigorous testing, and market surveys, we can ensure that the products meet the needs of parents and Educational professionals including schools (daycares, nurseries, special education centers,…).

Each product line offers different packaging to accommodate both storage and carrying concerns from full-color boxes to plastic reusable containers.  They also include play guidelines and instructions, as well as the teaching perspective and all necessary information to maximize the educational benefits from each of our toys.

International presence

Miniland Educational toys are represented at trade fairs on an international level and therefore are available at educational and specialty toy shops and distributors in a large number of countries throughout Europe, the Near East, the United States and Asia.

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